20 actions, 10 times in 2010

I’ve had an idea to improve on the typical New Year’s resolutions and goals lists that we all make on January 1. But then I got distracted by a simpler premise – select 3 words as an overarching theme to live your year by.  And so I wrote about B.I.P. – balance, improvement, and perspective.

But, this idea is just bursting to be shared, so I’m going ahead with it – and guess what? It actually will be supported and guided by the 3 words I chose. Double bonus!

So today I embark on the “do 20 actions 10 times each in the year 2010″.  The reactions have ranged from “20 things? That’s a lot!” to “10 times? Big deal – that’s easy!” to “interesting”.  And I agree with them all.

But, I do believe this idea will give a blueprint to the year, and provide consistent, specific goals throughout the year that will provide balance, improvement and perspective to my life. And that’s a good thing.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle

I will spare you the details of the entire list, but I’d like to share a few of the activities to give you an idea of where I’m headed.  Plus, maybe you can help me accomplish some of them – don’t be shy!


One of the first business books I plan to read in 2010

Read a business book

- I already have a monthly book club that typically covers fiction/literature/etc. and I read my fair share of food-related books…but this year I need to consistently stay up on general business trends, ideas, best practices, etc. that will support my social media coaching endeavors.  Fitting in 10 of these books will be a challenge, but well worth pursuing.

Attend live arts performances – Every time I attend a concert, play, comedy show, or the like, I am so inspired, energized and entertained.  And I always wonder why I don’t go more often! So, I will do more to support the great cultural opportunities we have in our area - have any suggestions?

Meet new Twitter friends in person – It’s so easy to have “friendships” on Twitter, but how many of your followers have you actually met? Would they know your name if you walked up to them in person and used their REAL NAME, not “Hi, I’m @soandso? I was thrilled to finally meet some Twitter friends face-to-face this year - @kathycaseychef, @ChefRobinL, @nancyleson, @SeattleMaven, @HeinzMarketing, @JeffreyJKingman – just to name a few.  And it made it so much more interesting to tweet with them – and know that they’d actually reply and/or help me!  If I can meet at least 10 more of these Twitterific (ugh!) people in 2010, I’ll be very happy.

But I want...

Eat gluten-free or sugar-free for a week

- I’ve tried every diet under the sun (sound familiar?!) but one thing I know for sure…when I restrict my gluten/wheat/carbs intake, I feel much better and lose weight.  Ditto with the sugar, but that’s much harder thanks to my favorite two words – dark chocolate!  Taking a seven-day break from these tasty treats about once a month should help keep my diet balanced and keep my health in check.

Teach a Twitter class, with at least 15 attendees – I’m focused on improving my presence as a Social Media Coach and am committed to helping people learn to use social media tools well for fun, business or whatever they desire.  And I believe there’s more than enough interest to fill at least 10 of these classes, either beginner or advanced. And I should mention, another goal is to work for at least 10 non-food related companies this year, to diversity my experience and knowledge.

Swimming with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta - definitely a 1+ night getaway!

Go on one-night (minimum) getaways

- I must admit my dogs (Buddy and Griffin, the amazing cocker spaniels!)  have ruled the roost in this area.  Rather than work at finding a suitable housesitter, we often choose not to get out of town for a weekend or take that week-long vacation or go camping, because the dogs either can’t go with us or there’s no one to stay with them. That must change!  Also, if I am to meet another goal of visit a different state 10 times, that will require doggie care – must find ASAP! I’m sure someone would love a few weekend getaways on the Edmonds waterfront with a partial view…hmmm???

So there you have it – a quick glimpse into my 20 actions to be repeated 10 times each, for a terrific 2010!  What do you think? I’d love your feedback and/or your own ideas and goals – let’s hear it!

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4 Responses to “20 actions, 10 times in 2010”

  1. Debbie Rosemont January 2, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    That is fabulous! I love the idea and love your list (what you shared of it). Inspiring!

    Interested in a business women’s bookclub/mastermind group to go along with your business book reading? I’ve got some local strong candidates in mind if you’re interested in working together to pull them together :).

    Thanks for sharing your idea and your list Karen! I’ll be working on mine.

  2. Diane Easley @homegoddess January 2, 2010 at 3:05 pm #

    I would love to discuss business books with you in 2010 and love the idea of giving up sugar for a week every month – I’m in!

  3. Betsy Talbot January 2, 2010 at 9:54 pm #

    Sounds like you will have a busy year! We are hoping to be homeless soon and would love to come stay with the boys while you get away for some R&R. Just be sure to hide your chocolate before you leave!

  4. Sarah Cole January 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm #

    Love your ideas here! I would be interested in the business book club idea – and I may have the perfect person in mind for a dog sitter (and she lives in downtown Edmonds!)…I am going to start my 20×10 list today…Thanks!

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