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3 Guiding Words for 2010

If you are a resolution-maker and goal-setter, you might be terrified of coming up with just three scant words to build your New Year’s vision.  I know I was – how could three simple words sum up a year of great intentions?! However, after reading social media advisor Chris Brogan’s post Wiring Yourself for Success,  […]

Making room for the new, good stuff

Today’s post has changed shape and form numerous times in the past 24 hours – but there are three key themes that are consistent:  fire hose, repositioning and “bright shiny object syndrome”.  Huh? Let me explain. In my last post, I wrote about shuffling down life’s buffet table to plant myself in front of the “let’s […]

It's time to dig in!

Here I am – ready to reinvent myself yet again.  Yes, it’s time to move along the massive buffet line of choices of what to do in the world, and I’m excited to share my plans with you! For the last 5 years, two months and 8 days (give or take!), I’ve owned and operated […]

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