Let’s Get Social!

letsgetsocialSummer’s Over – Time to Get Back to Business!

For many people – including me! – September always feels more like the beginning of the year than January. Leaves are falling, the days are shorter, vacations are a fond memory, kids are back in school – and you finally have time to pour your attention back into your business. Don’t worry if you’ve lost a little momentum over the summer, or if you are feeling a bit anxious about how to rev up your social media and marketing activities – my new “Let’s Get Social” program is made for you!

This two-month intensive kicks off September 26 as we’ll work together one-on-one to resolve your marketing challenges, free you up to do more of what you love, and make more money for your business! The fall presents an ideal opportunity to get back to basics with your social media and marketing efforts, and I’m here to help you experience the business growth you’ve been longing for.

We’ll use this eight week session strategically to set up your business not only for a great holiday season, but to boost you into 2017 with plenty of momentum. I’m not just talking about a seasonal marketing plan, but one that keeps business flowing in all year round.

If you often feel like social media takes you down the rabbit hole for hours, I’ll teach you to focus on the tactics and tools that will save you time and money. You don’t need to be active on every social media platform, so let’s identify the right 2-3 for your business and get measurable results with your ideal clients. connect with your ideal audience and build a community of raving fans that will support your business all year long. and build lasting relationships with clients.

I’m excited to help you set up a plan packed with customized social media and marketing tactics that will create a sense of ease in your life and deliver consistent growth in your business. It’s time to get your business the visibility it deserves – so Let’s Get Social!


8 weeks, beginning Monday, September 26 through Friday, November 18


  • Full analysis and review of your current activities to create a baseline
  • Specific goals for the summer, including analytics and measurements that matter to your business
  • Customized strategic plan for all your digital marketing activities (social media, blog, newsletter, website, etc)
  • Consistent branding and messaging across all your platforms
  • Confidence that your chosen social media platforms fit with your business objectives
  • Compelling content calendars to guide topics, timing, frequency, and engagements
  • Best practices to guide your daily activities on each platform
  • Consistent engagement and relationship building tactics
  • Updated profile pages for your social media platforms
  • Detailed ideal client profiles and strategies for effective outreach
  • Worksheets, checklists, and tools that simply your efforts and maximize efficiency


  • One in-person (or Skype) coaching session per month  (1.5 hours each)
  • Two individual coaching phone calls per month (45 minutes each)
  • Eight weekly accountability emails, including short homework task
  • Social media review and marketing audit of your current accounts/activities (week 1)
  • Unlimited email and phone access for your quick questions and feedback
  • Membership in private Facebook group


$349/month (billed September 26 and October 26)


To enroll in Let’s Get Social, please call (206-419-8407) or email me to set up an introductory 15 minute phone call where I’ll answer all your questions about the program, discuss your business goals for the fall (and beyond), and start building a successful relationship!

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