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10 Lessons Restaurants Can Learn From The Canlis Contest

Obviously, every restaurant can’t be Canlis, the grand old lady of Seattle fine dining. While your restaurant might not boast a wonderful, award-winning 60-year history, you can learn some solid best practices from their current talk-of-the-town “hidden menu” contest and apply them in an appropriate way to your social media efforts. Here are 10 lessons […]

Wily Canlis and the Benevolent Restaurant

A game of chance becomes a morality test – or – who will become Seattle’s “Charlie Bucket”? You might have thought Canlis Restaurant in Seattle had already torpedoed themselves to the top of Marketing Mountain with their brilliant scavenger hunt/clue contest.  And if you have to ask what I’m talking about, catch up quick by […]

6 Reasons the Canlis Contest is Brilliant

Canlis is One Smart Cookie – particularly when it comes to their latest promotion which celebrates their upcoming 60th birthday. The highly-regarded fine dining restaurant has outdone itself with the “Canlis Menu” contest and I especially love their tactic of running it entirely via social media! Here’s the scoop: Brothers Mark and Brian Canlis have […]

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