I’m doing some research for a client for their St. Patrick’s Day menu, and I’m a bit stumped.  It seems there are a few dishes that are a “given” for that holiday, but I’m looking for something a little more inspiring.  Can you help?

Obviously, corned beef and cabbage would make the list, along with some form of potatoes, green beer, Guinness in one of many forms (beverage, stew, cake) and of course, the highly coveted Shamrock Shake (from McDonalds!)

But I’m hoping you have some new creative ideas for a fun new decade.  What says “St. Patricks Day’s” or “Irish Food” to you?  Please add your thoughts to the comments below and let’s see what we can whip up – that goes beyond the old green food coloring trick!

NOTE: You might be amused by the “Find the Shake” web site that posts “sightings” of the Shamrock Shake across the country…but I have to wonder, is it really an endangered species?!  And yet, such a great childhood memory…