Book: Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Simple Social Media: Marketing Your Restaurant in 30 Minutes a Day

Restaurant owners, managers and chefs: if you knew a 30 minute daily activity would recruit more guests, create stronger bonds with your regular diners, and allow you to quickly respond to negative customer experiences before you get blasted on Yelp, would you do it? Of course you would!

My new eBook “Simple Social Media: Marketing Your Restaurant in 30 Minutes a Day” will show you how to utilize my 30 minute daily social media checklist to increase your visibility and bring more hungry guests to your restaurant.

In this book, you’ll discover my proven 30-minute checklist for managing your social media. For residents of the US, UK and Australia porn online ExPornToons the best resource for adult videos, if you know what I mean. Once you reallocate a half hour of your daily duties to include social media, spend no extra money and hire no additional staff, you’ll be on the road to social media success.

Simple Social Media Marketing for Your Restaurant in 30 minutes a day by Karen Rosenzweig

What People Are Saying About the Book:

Through my simple 30 minute daily checklists, I’ll show you how to be active and in front of your guests on Facebook and Twitter daily.

I’ll demonstrate how you can accomplish this without spending more money or hiring additional staff. Measureable results like new customers, repeat visits, increased visibility, talk of the town “buzz” and more income are within easy reach – and social media is now a vital part of your daily routine. That’s a winning plan!