What attracts you to stop scrolling on LinkedIn to read a news article? Or if you’re old school like me, what attracts your attention while reading an actual newspaper? How do you decide what’s worthy of your attention while browsing social media? The headline of the article or post means everything!

An easy way to garner more attention on the world’s largest professional social media platform is to update your LinkedIn profile headline. It can help you earn more attention in searches, establishes credibility when you comment on others posts, and provides an easy way for people to understand how you serve others.

Don’t settle for the “basic” profile headline which is just your job title, by default, or employ a headline that simply says “Realtor at Windermere”.  Instead, let’s turn up the volume by creating a custom headline that tells people how you make their lives better, touts a special skill or expertise, or features a string of strong keywords that attract your ideal client.

One powerful example is my client who did nothing more than update her headline from “Owner at ABC Company” to something fun and catchy, and by the end of that same day, she received a message from a potential client who thought she “sounded fun to work with” and asked her to bid on a project.

It can happen that fast on LinkedIn when you make that extra effort to be the purple cow standing in a field packed with black and white cows – you become remarkable and memorable!

Here are few examples of professionals who have zoned in on what makes them special or unique, and use their LinkedIn profile headline to attract their ideal clients:


Angie’s headline is great because it shows what you receive what you work with her – you look your best! She also has 3 strong keywords to show specific services she offers and what clients she seeks.



Victoria gets right to the point on who she serves (growth-minded coaches and leaders) and how they benefit  (get paid to meditate). Simple, to the point, and intriguing!


Leah’s headline tells you exactly who she helps by indicating her ideal geographic area AND shows you the real benefit of working with her – sell faster, make more money!



Business coaches do a number of things, but here Manny is specific in showing that he’s skilled working with managers who lead teams – this makes it so easy for an executive to see how Manny could help with their leadership development (a keyword!).


If Audrey had simply used “CEO, The Audrey Company” as her headline, it may have caused confusion and been passed by because it is very vague. Here she aims to attract women leaders who need financial strategies for their desired lifestyle. Very descriptive and you know right away if you are her client.


There are A LOT of realtors out there, but Beth shows you exactly who she serves – seniors transitioning into retirement communities – so you know right away whether this is a good fit for you. Many realtors go way too broad (anyone who is buying or selling!) but using specifics shows your expertise and helps you find the perfect fit.


Having a sense of humor with your headline can attract great clients! Dan does a nice job here to have a little fun with his accountant expertise, while showing he’s about more than just taxes. Who doesn’t love an accountant with a sense of humor?!


When you show people “how” you can help them, they often don’t even care “what” your profession is – they just want the end result you can deliver! For Julie, her promise of keeping someone top of mind and making more money is very attractive. Any guesses what she actually does/what business she represents??



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