Did you know March 2 was National Banana Cream Pie Day? Photo: Alaska Silk Pie

Did you know there’s a National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day? Or a National Fettuccine Alfredo Day?  And as a restaurant, why should you care?

Believe it or not, nearly every day on the calendar is some sort of “food holiday” or celebration, according to The Nibble web site.  They document an amazing array of such events, and a basic description about how these special days are determined.

As a restaurant or food establishment, these are great opportunities to draw in new customers by tying in one of your menu items to the “holiday” – and then Tweeting about it!  It creates extra visibility, generates a fair amount of conversation, and it’s just plain fun.  And that’s good for business!

Listed below are a couple of recent posts on Twitter that display how restaurants/bars have hitched on to a food celebration, and kept themselves in an active conversation for much of the day:

AlaskaSilkPie: National Banana Cream Pie day! We make a banana cream Silk for the Norm Thompson catalog. Here’s a picture http://tweetphoto.com/13032319

Panera_Houston: Perfect day to try our Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake! RT @Foodimentary – Time to celebrate! March 4 is National Poundcake Day!

Vintagepdx: Its national Absinthe day; Celebrate with us. A chilled shot of Ordinaire Absinthe and a Laurelwood Treehugger porter to back it. $9

So if you are tired of just posting your Daily Specials on Twitter or referring to the same old menu items over and over, take a look at this food holiday calendar and plan ahead for some fun tweeting! Your customers – old and new – will thank you!