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15 Foolproof Content Ideas to Fire Up Your Social Media Engagement

The #1 question I get asked in my social media workshops and classes is “what should I post?” Business people are often stumped as they sit down with their computer and... Read More

4 reasons you must read “Branding Basics for Small Business”

I must admit I’ve often been confused about the difference between branding, marketing and advertising.  And with nearly 15 years of public relations experience and my current profession of social media... Read More

Introducing: One Smart Cookie Marketing

I’m excited to announce the new, improved identity of the former Incredible Chef persona that used to grace these pages – please welcome One Smart Cookie Marketing! One Smart Cookie... Read More

Some days are just smorgasbords

Have you ever had one of those days where you just couldn’t decide what to eat – so you ate a little bit of everything you could get your hands... Read More

Finding my blog’s purpose

What is the purpose of this blog? I thought I knew, but I think I better make sure before we go much farther – and definitely before I start my... Read More