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The Smart Cookie Jar (3/5/2021)

Wow, 2021 is already flying by, and here we are in March! With work and school getting back to more “normal” levels and spring fever starting to set in, you... Read More

The Smart Cookie Jar (10/29/2020)

Here we are, the clocks about to “fall back” this weekend and winter weather arriving with a chilling rush. With your eye on the rapidly approaching holidays, you probably have... Read More

The Smart Cookie Jar (9/21/2020)

As summer 2020 comes to a close and we adjust our focus to the falling leaves of autumn, most of us are back to school/work and seemingly busier than ever.... Read More

The Smart Cookie Jar (8/31/2020)

Well here we are at the end of August, in the year of craziness known as 2020. The year is just flying by…or is it dragging by slowly, painfully, tediously?... Read More

The Smart Cookie Jar (8/19/2020)

People often ask what my favorites sources and resources are, so I’ve decided to finally start writing them down to share, via this new “smart cookie jar.” You may be... Read More