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Speaker – BAM Social Media Success Summit Sept. 13

Stop Collecting Connections and Start Connecting – Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn! Do you have a LinkedIn account but rarely use it? Have you accepted connection requests and then done nothing more? Discover how to leverage your unique experience and existing relationships to increase your revenue, and powerfully market your business. This powerful session will […]

Finding my blog’s purpose

What is the purpose of this blog? I thought I knew, but I think I better make sure before we go much farther – and definitely before I start my “31 blog posts in 31 days” project today!  I hope I haven’t confused anyone, but my business is going through a bit of a metamorphosis these […]

Looking for my gold spatula

Who throws you a retirement party when you are self-employed? Good question. Is it your former clients? Is it your colleagues or your competitors or your friends or your family? All of the above or none of the above? I just want my gold spatula. Yes, what I’m trying to say, is that after nearly […]

20 actions, 10 times in 2010

I’ve had an idea to improve on the typical New Year’s resolutions and goals lists that we all make on January 1. But then I got distracted by a simpler premise – select 3 words as an overarching theme to live your year by.  And so I wrote about B.I.P. – balance, improvement, and perspective. But, […]

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