FBseefirstHave you ever wished you could customize who and what you see at the top of your News Feed when you log into Facebook? Well it’s your lucky day, because that dream just became a reality.

Facebook announced changes last week including “See First” which allows you to move posts from select people and pages right to the top of your News Feed, so you see their new posts  immediately when you open Facebook. No more wracking your brain for who you haven’t checked up on lately, or what’s new with your favorite restaurant. Now with a few simple clicks, you can ensure the news that’s most important to you is waiting right at the top, like the perfect custom newspaper.

You may select up to 30 people/pages to designate as “See First” in your News Feed, making it much valuable and interesting, and saving you time from searching for what you’d most like to see.  On those posts, you will see a blue star in the top right of their post reminding you why they’re at the top of your News Feed. Those starred posts do not stay at the top of your News Feed; after the first view they will return to their regular chronological spot in your News Feed.

The initial announcement was that this was just for iOS systems (your iPhone, iPad, etc) but I’m seeing it now on the website version as well. For this post, here’s how to set it up on your iOS device:

1. On your iPhone, log into Facebook and click the “more”button on bottom right of your screen.

2. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the list of choices and select “News Feed Preferences”


3. roksa.ch. Select “Prioritize Who To See First”


4. Tap on the icons of people or pages you want to see first in your News Feed (a blue star will appear next to their icon; choose up to 30)


5. Click “done” and “close” to return to your News Feed

You may not see posts from your favorites right away, but once they post something new, it will be on top of your News Feed (with a blue star):



On the desktop version of Facebook, you can select the small downward arrow in upper right of your screen and scroll down to select “News Feed Preferences”  Right now, I’m not seeing the customization option there like you do on the iOS app, but you can go to a specific business’s page and select “see first” option, and that will work too (see below)



This news is great for businesses, as they can help ensure their news is being seen by their fans – but the challenge is getting those fans to give one of their coveted 30 spots to your business! What are your ideas on how you can be sure you make the “top 30” cut?