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Social Media for Restaurants

Living the dream of taking your secret recipe and turning it into a full-time business? Everyone you know says your product is the best out there, and you’re on a mission to turn your deeply rooted passion into a best-selling artisan product.

Who You Are

You cook, bake, brew, and pickle with the best of them, and you’re ready to go from small and local to big and national. You’ve been building this business in your spare time, keeping your corporate paycheck until the orders pour in. You spend nights, weekends, and vacations to plan and experiment, and you’re exhausted. You’ve poured your life savings into your dream, and it scares your pants off.
You know your product can change people’s lives (preservative-free, organic, local, low sugar, kid-friendly, allergy-sensitive) and that fuels your passion to be the best in the market. You’ve sold at your local farmer’s market and done demos at local events, and now you’re ready to play a bigger game. Having tested the demand for your unique product and proven your concept to your satisfaction, you’re ready to monetize your new business.

Your Challenges

Without a background in food sales, this could turn into an expensive hobby. Having a great recipe is only the first step to success. As you’ve seen up close, the food world is a competitive one, dominated by big brands with big budgets, and you stay awake nights wondering how to compete with those deep pockets. Now that your product is perfected, the hardest part for you is building relationships with new customers and creating a true following. You have a delicious product but you need visibility — yesterday.

What You Need Most Right Now

To stand out in a crowded market you need the right marketing strategy: a grassroots effort to launch a word-of-mouth marketing campaign, and a mix of online and offline efforts to build buzz about your product. It’s important to connect with media and food bloggers with thousands of active, engaged early adopters to boost your visibility — but how the heck do you make all that happen?

The Social Media Program You’ll Thrive In

My proprietary 7-week program helps you tell your story in a way that makes others passionate about your dream too. With me as your marketing “sous chef,” you’ll build the key relationships online that make a huge difference in your bottom line. I’ll show you how to share the “why” about what you do and get people to invest emotionally in your dream and your product. Daily marketing and social media steps will help you raise brand awareness, create demand, and make sales – in just 30 minutes a day. As you gather crucial competitive information, learn best practices, and make key connections online, you’ll build your brand quickly. With a creative plan and a definitive map to get there, we’ll put the pedal to the metal on your road to success.

Start Your 7 Weeks…
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