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Social Media for Solopreneurs

You left Cubicle Nation to be your own boss and do the work you love. Now you’re following your own passions, serving others and enjoying the ride. So why aren’t you feeling the rush?

Who You Are

You’re smart, quick to learn, and an expert in your field. You love the freedom and control of running your own business, but where are the clients you crave? Since you “are” your business, wearing far too many hats, it’s tough to work with clients AND find the time needed to market wisely. You wish there was an easier way to keep the pipeline full, strengthen your network, and make it easier for potential clients to find you. The reality is you work more and make less money than in your old corporate job, and you need more clients — pronto.

Your Challenges

It’s great being your own boss, but it also means you’re the one in charge of everything. Marketing is key to bringing in more business, as you know, but what’s with all the options — especially social media? Ever-changing trends, new jargon to learn, and skills you have to keep sharp. You have no freakin’ idea how to get your name out in front of potential clients, and you’re up at night wondering when the calls and emails will finally start rolling in. There’s not enough hours in the day for everything you need to do, and it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. That’s not surprising when you’re trying to do it all yourself, without a strategic plan that is both easily repeatable and results in more clients. Does this mean you’re going to have to get a (gulp) job?.

What You Need Most Right Now

Your focus is on getting more visibility and making more contact with more potential clients. (More of everything — sounds great, doesn’t it?) Everyone says more time on social media, as well as networking in your community, will make a big impact. Once you identify your target market, you can spend time reaching them directly where they are. After that, it gets easier to pick the right social media platforms and networking groups to reach your ideal clients, and learn the best tools and practices for each.
Remember: You’re on a mission to spend your time attracting more clients with less effort. Broadening your reach by combining your in-person marketing efforts with successful online tools allows you to fully leverage your limited marketing dollars and time.

The Social Media Program You’ll Thrive In

My proprietary 7-week program will deliver the competitive information and tools you need to maximize your marketing time and get more clients. You’ll walk away with a strategic daily plan for accomplishing your marketing activities in just 30 minutes a day and I’ll teach you skills that are effective and specific for each social media platform. We’ll focus on setting goals, targeting your ideal customer, creating effective daily tactics, and tracking your results. These are the keys to building a network of raving fans who will promote your business for you, both online and offline.

Start Your 7 Weeks…
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