What is the purpose of this blog?

31 flavors of blog posts in 31 days!

I thought I knew, but I think I better make sure before we go much farther – and definitely before I start my “31 blog posts in 31 days” project today!

I hope I haven’t confused anyone, but my business is going through a bit of a metamorphosis these days, and I’m re-focusing this blog to ensure I’m on track and reaching those I most want to help (and work with!). So I’m following the wonderful example set by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger fame, and I’m committed to posting every day this month – and I’m confident I will have found my stride by April Fool’s Day.

Last July I launched this blog as I began the transition from working as a personal chef to helping restaurants and food companies navigate the crazy world of social media.  The blog began as “Life Is a Buffet” but has now been folded into my Incredible Chef web site here and serves as my home page.  And don’t look now, but I’m working on a company name change, to more accurately represent my services, so look for a sparkly new moniker soon! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So what is this blog now?  I am here to help restaurants and hospitality companies with their communications and marketing efforts.  It is a many-splendored thing I offer – guidance with social media, email marketing, blogging, twitter, facebook, word of mouth networking, promotions and contests – all very fun and exciting things to drive more business to their companies and increase their visibility. Contact Fuse Animation studio today to see how they can help you to make your vision for your 3D animation or still images come to life.

I believe I offer something unique to my clients – public relations agency experience, personal chef savoir faire, demonstrated social media expertise, and most importantly, an unabashed love of helping people in the culinary world talk about what they love to do.  Seriously – how many of my breed do you know??

So today I start the task of showing you exactly what I can do and why you should believe me.  And it’s going to be a fun ride!  So tell me, what do you want to know about this world I’ve described?  Please let me know below in the comments and I’ll be back every day this month, delivering information cooked-to-order, just for you…bon appetit!