twitter-restaurants-marketingIt’s that time to review highlights of the past year, and it’s very easy for me to identify the overarching bright shiny object for me – Twitter!

I reluctantly and skeptically entered the Twitterverse March 18, 2009 (I checked!), largely due to the advice from one of my highly respected advisor/friends, Betsy Talbot.  The thought of expanding my personal chef business through this 140-character universe was intriguing and promising, but I ended up with something much different.

The short version is that I quickly identified a much better use of Twitter than I expected – by combining my former public relations background (15+ years) with my personal chef knowledge and experience (5+ years), I could help restaurants and food companies build their businesses in a powerful way.  And off I went!

Without all the gory details of the ups and downs as I learned to use this fascinating – often time-sucking! – social media tool, it’s been a career-changing discovery that’s been an amazing surprise every day.  I’ve met fascinating people, learned about incredible events, discovered cool products and generally felt my whole world grow exponentially. 

So, I’d like to present a few quick highlights from the past year on Twitter – and I apologize to anyone in advance that I may have forgotten, overlooked or snubbed (ha!).  If you ask me, I’ll just tell you that you were #6 on my list…


The Homegrown sustainable sandwich shop in Fremont

I Like The Way You Tweet (restaurant division)

  1. @BeachHouseGrill
  2. @Cafe_Campagne
  3. @homegrownian
  4. @ARTrestaurant
  5. @Herbguy

I Like The Way You Tweet (non-resto division)

  1. @hotel_max
  2. @PCC
  3. @Frostology
  4. @AlaskaAir
  5. @theochocolate

Chef Wayne Johnson, Andaluca

Cool People I Never Thought I’d Meet in Person

(but I did after “meeting” them on Twitter)

  1. @chefwaj
  2. @KathyCaseyChef
  3. @ChefRobinL
  4. @nancyleson
  5. @Jerry_Brewer

Great Advisors or Role Models in Building My Twitter Biz

  1. @franticfoodie
  2. @JeffreyJKingman
  3. @DeepDishCreates / @twit4restos
  4. @SeattleMaven
  5. @HeinzMarketing

Who doesn't love a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck? Too bad it's in NYC...

These Tweeps Are Having Way Too Much Fun (national division)

  1. @biggayicecream
  2. @BehindTheKnife
  3. @PackYourKnives
  4. @KateClinton
  5. @kelkelly

These Tweeps Are Having Way Too Much Fun (local division)

  1. @baconsalt
  2. @ChefReinvented
  3. @Taylor_Tweets
  4. @MarcSeattle
  5. @tastebud1

Always An Entertaining and/or Helpful Read

  1. @SeattleWineGal
  2. @SeattleTallPopp
  3. @nwfoodette
  4. @Kenji_O
  5. @EWAusielloFiles

Try a Naughty Nellie at The Pike!

You Are What You Tweet (companies I’ve consulted with)

  1. @Andaluca
  2. @pikebrewing
  3. @CDForum
  4. @BuchananChoc
  5. @EmeraldCityBike

You Are What You Tweet (actual clients of mine)

  1. @zingbars
  2. @epulo
  3. @lombardiballard
  4. @lombardieverett
  5. @lombardiissy

The free-spirit Married With Luggage team - Betsy and Warren Talbot

Good Friends I love to follow

  1. @betsytalbot
  2. @homegoddess
  3. @wtalbot
  4. @LIEvans
  5. @mmtgsolution
  6. @simplyplaced
  7. @hankelizabeth
  8. @debbwhitlock
  9. @ZitaGustin
  10. @scoremoresales

And there you have it…a look back at my Twitter world in 2009.  I’ve posted nearly 3,000 tweets (okay, that does sound like a lot…) and have nearly 1,000 followers. I’m so excited for what 2010 and beyond will bring, and I look forward to meeting many more exciting people along the way.

Please leave any comments on your “top categories”, or additions/omissions from my lists or just to say whatever the heck you want!  Happy New Year to all!