Would you walk around with a ball and chain shackled to your ankle if you knew the person who held the key to free you? Probably not – so as small business owners and entrepreneurs, why do we limit our potential by trying to master all the parts of our business?

Marketing tasks are not the skill set for many small business owners, and those activities probably are the bane of your existence. But you could hire a marketing coach to unlock some of the mystery (take away the ball and chain!), and provide the perspective and experience you don’t have time to earn. A coach can hold you accountable to do what you say you want to accomplish and will help steer your actions into alignment, resulting in greater success.

Many of you have watched the Olympics over the past few weeks, and no doubt you have noticed that every athlete and team has a coach, if not multiple coaches. Yes, even the most highly skilled and trained athletes in the world still need focused feedback, confidence, motivation, and technical support to accomplish their dreams.

If you are a Seahawks fan (I am!), you know that quarterback Russell Wilson does not take the field alone – he is powered behind the scenes by the input of not just one, but multiple coaches. He has a position coach, an offensive coordinator, a head coach, a strength coach, a nutritional advisor, and probably several more “coaches” that allow him to focus on his special athletic talents.

I personally have at least 4-5 coaches/advisors that keep my business on track, providing business expertise, personal insights, financial advice, technical tricks, and much more. As a one-person operation, it would be foolish for me to try to go it alone, and try to manage all these areas that are outside my core competency.

Coaches can provide…

  • Confidence and motivation
  • Technical support and insight
  • Focus for your goals along with broader vision
  • Positive feedback and encouragement
  • Vision for new possibilities and also those dreaded blind spots
  • Insight and perspective

As a marketing coach, I help many small business owners learn how to integrate the necessary marketing activities into their daily work life – so they can focus on their passion and maximize their time on what they love to do. This is no cookie cutter approach, but a focused, strategic plan created just for your business. And it works.

Of course, you could search YouTube for marketing advice and videos, and read all the free articles on the internet, searching for the “right” answers. But those content creators know nothing about you, and don’t provide customized advice and direction like your own coach could. And really, who wants the same generic advice that your competitors are getting?!

You and your business are unique and you have a personal story to tell about how you help the world. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if your marketing was working well and firing on all cylinders. But if it’s not, there are options ideas paths to get back on track. Stop being the best kept secret in your field community industry.

Clients that work with me commonly invest in two one-hour sessions per month ($250/month) over a period of time, and they also receive 24/7 access to me for feedback between sessions. It’s a modest price to pay for all the benefits that will help your business grow and thrive. It’s time to invest in the mechanisms to finally earn the success that you deserve, so contact me for a discovery session and let’s get to work!

For full details on my Marketing Motivation bi-monthly coaching program, visit this page: https://onesmartcookiemarketing.com/services/marketing-motivation/