Karen was, by far, our best investment during our crowdfunding campaign. I was convinced we found the right partner after our first conversation: Karen was quick to assess our situation and identify areas requiring immediate attention. Thoughtful in her approach, Karen blends fresh thinking with today’s best marketing practices. I’m looking forward to partnering with Karen again for her creativity and persistence across marketing, PR, and social.

Karen is an excellent speaker and teacher of social media skills. She taught my Chamber members about using LinkedIn and was very clear, concise and organized the material in a very easy-to-follow format. I’d highly recommend Karen as a speaker for your group or company so that you can learn how to effectively harness the power of LinkedIn and other social media channels!

Karen is a crisp, professional and likeable presenter. It was a delight to watch the faces of our attendees light up when Karen pointed out the 10 tips to successful Facebook marketing. She delivered facts, real life examples and references for next steps. We had so much positive feedback from her presentation that we didn’t want to wait to book her again, and did so within a day of her original presentation.

“Karen’s 30 Day LinkedIn Challenge is just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it well-written, it is super simple. First, it gives you the basics, which I didn’t know. Then she adds more value by giving you ninja tricks to help you stand out. My confidence is growing and I like being on LinkedIn now. Gone is the stress of looking like an idiot. I finally know what I’m doing. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Karen is a fountain of knowledge and so eager to share her expertise.  Before I met Karen, I felt lost on social media. I did not have a daily plan nor did I even understand why I needed a daily plan.  Since taking her Facebook workshop, I understand the value of cultivating a dialogue with your followers.  I’ve learned how to engage them and give them something of a benefit – a reason to read my posts.

Karen is professional, knowledgeable, and ethical. Her subject matter was on-point and very well received by the entire class. I especially liked how the class was hands-on and we were all implementing her ideas in real time. So many times I have been to a class and got a lot of great ideas only never to implement them, but this is not the case with Karen.

Karen’s presentation on social media was highly relevant and informative. She had great tips and tricks on how to efficiently and effectively navigate the different platforms. As a small business owner, this information was invaluable to me. But not only did we get great information, Karen was extremely fun and engaging to listen to – no dull moment!

Karen was well-prepared, gave excellent content and anecdotes/examples, and provided a seemingly unending flow of very helpful observations about how social media can be properly used to one’s advantage. The audience was the largest we have had to date and, to my delight, there was consideration participation and interaction…exactly what we want to achieve.

Perhaps the most important attribute for me was Karen’s patience. She is able to say and repeat instructions and tips in a variety of ways for this guy who “doesn’t get” online shortcuts. I was very appreciative of her efforts.

I was rather confused by the idea of “Twittering” before I attended Karen’s beginner class. Now I tweet almost every day! I learned how Twitter could benefit my business and expand my network in an easy way. I am looking forward to taking the advanced class next!

Karen helped us with the social media piece of our marketing including Twitter and Facebook. She really made a daunting task easy and set up step by step goals and instructions for us. She’s been great to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand this part of their marketing.

Karen has a wide knowledge of social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) and has set up multiple accounts for me. She also sends me pertinent articles on a regular basis and I recommend her highly.

Karen’s presentation style is high energy without being overwhelming, and humorous without being patronizing.

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