Have you already broken your New Year’s resolutions? Or did you have any resolutions at all? Many people who do make resolutions often have goals to eat “better” or eat less overall or to eat more of certain super-foods.  So I wondered – what do the Seattle chefs who so creatively and deliciously feed us, resolve to do in 2011?  So I asked, and here’s what they said:

Danielle Custer, Director of TASTE

“This year I resolve to do 3 things:

1.   I’m a good supporter of local farms and cooking which I will continue but this year I will support my small local restaurants (including TASTE) more though attendance and eating at full price. I will minimize my use of the word “Happy Hour” and choose to meet friends for “food, drink and discussions” as I feel Happy Hour has begun to hurt our restaurant economy. Diners are expecting to be able to eat food for less than what it costs and it is shortening our dining sustainability.

2.  Spend more time “in the moment” less time “being busy”

3.  Continue to learn, plant and grow my  2nd year Square Foot Garden.”

Chef Wayne Johnson, Andaluca

Chef Wayne Johnson

“My first is to spend more time with the loved ones, and my second (which may tie in with the first) is to get in 15-20 ski days this year. Oh, and watch more movies this year (I was not that good at it last year).”

Chef Christine Keff, Flying Fish

“ I gotta get to the gym!”

Chef Robin Leventhal, Crave/Top Chef

“My resolution this year is to celebrate, through food, the individual experience as a means of connection. I will embrace and unify all of my eclectic roots and weave them playfully into an ever-changing menu.”

Chef Jeremy McLachlan, Salty’s on Alki

“My New Years Resolution is to eat better. Yeah, I know it is lame but I want to give you a glimpse into the Executive Chef’s life. Working with great products everyday you would think that we eat like kings. The problem is when I get off work all I want is a Liter of Veltin’s German Beer and a few corn dogs.  We all have our weaknesses and mine is beer and corn dogs.”

Where Ya At Matt?

Chef Matthew Lewis, Where Ya At Matt

“My resolutions for 2011 include the following:

  1. Workout a minimum of 3 times a week. I know trite but true.  I try to eat in moderation, which allows me to eat what I want (most of the time), but adding exercise to this makes me feel even better!
  2. Cooking more with my son.  Being a busy single dad, we often go out to eat… a lot. He is three and there is no better time than to get him hooked on cooking and nutrition than now!
  3. For my customers, add a few more healthy but tasty options to the menu!”

Chef Gavin Stephenson, The Georgian Room

“I would ideally like to be able to never serve high fructose corn syrup again!”

Chef C.J. Hetherington, TASTE

“My resolutions: #1Get my passport. #2 Travel to Italy/Spain or somewhere in Asia. #3 Ski till my legs fall off this winter #4 Cook my ass off!”

Chef/Author/Teacher Becky Selengut, also Twitter Troublemaker @chefreinvented

“My resolutions are to get the &*$ out of Bank of America and switch to BECU, and to perform stand up at an Improv Night.”

Chef Lisa Nakamura, Allium on Orcas

Chef Lisa Nakamura

“1. To be more creative with local ingredients (I admit, sometimes I fall into a rut.  For example, does chard always have to be braised, and if it is braised, why not try shaking that up?)

2. To be happy with what I have and to not keeping thinking the grass is always greener on the other side (which is hard, because in truth, it’s that drive that pushes me to do so many things).

3. To stay in the moment more.  2010 was a tumultuous year, with health scares, new endeavors, embracing challenges, overcoming fears.  I would like to stop more often to smell the roses and revel in that moment right there and then.

4. To blog more, not because I think my opinion is so important, but because it is an exercise that clears my thoughts and puts into perspective the jumbled thoughts there.”

Chef Kurt Stolte, Tidbit Bistro

“My resolution is to start reading books made out of paper again. I’m taking it old school.”