Coaching Program

Coaching Program

For those who can handle your daily activities but want accountability, feedback, and brainstorming.

My Coaching Program is for those professionals who can handle the daily marketing/social media tasks but need accountability, brainstorming, and feedback to stay on track.

$250-$500/month, available via Skype/Zoom/in-person/phone call.

I’ll provide dedicated one-on-one coaching time to you, providing creative, custom strategies to deliver more clients and more money through your social media activities.

We’ll focus on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any combination of platforms you wish, and the sessions will be geared to your specific questions and needs.

  • Option of meeting 2x/month or 4x/month (weekly)
  • Weekly calls (or in-person) to keep you on track with activities, strategize tactics, and brainstorm upcoming content
  • Create fun, actionable content targeted to your specific audience
  • Develop social media strategy to interact with businesses for wider visibility
  • Strategize marketing activities – newsletter, promotions, in-person networking, special events, website messaging
  • Analyze metrics/results weekly to adjust activities to maximize your time/efforts
  • Full support and access via email/phone between sessions to keep momentum

Ready to handle your daily activities but want accountability, feedback, and brainstorming?