Marketing Motivation!

Marketing Momentum Program (Coaching)

Get the marketing motivation, momentum, and masterminding you need to get the results you deserve!

My Marketing Momentum/Coaching Program is for those professionals who can handle the daily marketing/social media tasks but need accountability, brainstorming, and motivation to stay on track.

Are you stuck in a marketing rut?

Do you lack the motivation to handle your marketing activities – but you know it’s time to do “something” about it? You need a marketing motivator to help give you the momentum to earn success in the areas where you lack expertise. Wouldn’t it be great to have a marketing expert on-call to help discover those blind spots, find the “right” words to say, and guide you through the maze of marketing options?

  • Have you noticed that your marketing activities aren’t delivering the results you deserve?
  • Are you confused about what, where, and when you should be posting on social media?
  • Do you wish you had a road map and a personal guide to navigate the current marketing maze of options?

Consistent Coaching Makes a Difference!

Through this comprehensive four-month motivational coaching program, you will learn the strategies to stay visible online in front of your ideal clients, how to accomplish your marketing activities with ease, and receive the positive reinforcement and objective feedback to fuel your success.

I will provide training wheels as you learn to tell your story online, riding along with you until you can ride solo with confidence. We’ll set a road map for your success, and I’ll provide motivation and support as you discover the path that resonates best with your ideal clients.

Learning to tell your story – your unique advantage in a crowded marketplace – is the key to building the relationships that will catapult your business to where it belongs. With my guidance as a sounding board to provide positive reinforcement and accountability, you’ll discover how to best communicate with your target audience in a fun and efficient daily schedule.

You Can Do This – With a Little Guidance!

My bi-weekly coaching program provides the direction and creative input to help you learn to be self-sufficient at managing your own social media presence and your marketing tasks. It’s time to stop wasting your time going down the rabbit hole, and wondering why your efforts aren’t working. It takes time to build a marketing method that delivers consistent results, and this program will help you make the breakthroughs you’ve been waiting for – let’s get started today!

$250/month – 4 month program

I’ll provide dedicated one-on-one coaching to you, providing creative, custom strategies to deliver more clients and more money through your marketing activities.

We’ll focus on the specific marketing activities that will give you momentum in this changing marketplace:

  • marketing strategy
  • social media
  • website content
  • newsletters
  • email communications
  • storytelling
  • special events and offers
  • copy editing
  • mastermind sessions (brainstorming)
  • networking strategies

How Does This Work?

Each one-hour bi-weekly session will be geared to your specific questions, needs, and target market. This is no “cookie cutter” approach – it is designed and executed specifically for YOUR business!

We will meet every other week (bi-weekly) via Zoom call or in-person, for a four-month period. This typically gives you the momentum, motivation, and mojo you need to handle your marketing activities – but we can easily extend the coaching period as needed. Another benefit is unlimited (within reason!) access to me between sessions via email/text/phone to answer quick questions or review materials. This allows you to keep your momentum going without waiting for our next session to get feedback. Let’s get started today!