Let Me Be Your Marketing Sous Chef

You’re an independent restaurant owner and proud to not be part of a large national chain. You love to share your passion for food, and thrive by giving diners a great experience.

Who You Are

You’ve put everything you had into opening a restaurant. It was your life’s dream, and it took everything you had to get things going. When do you get to rest? Oh, right: never! You have a great chef, a great location, and a great concept, but no matter how hard you work, you’re not getting the hordes of adoring fans you deserve. You got some positive media mentions when you first opened, and visitors hit your website and your Facebook page, but business has slowed. You know how delicious your food is, but if no one knows about it, you have no business. You want to fill your restaurant every night and have “talk of the town” status, pronto!

Your Challenges

Marketing is a bit of a mystery to you. You are super-passionate about food — it’s your calling — and you’ve poured your heart and soul into your restaurant. You work 12-14 hours a day because you love what you do, but no matter how tired you are, fear of empty tables keeps you up at night. You feel crunched for time and money to spend on marketing, and you’ve heard building buzz via social media is crucial to your success, but how do you make that happen? Getting your delicious dishes on the table in front of happy guests while finding the time to market is an all-consuming puzzle.

What You Need Most Right Now

The right menu has the right number of choices, and the right social media plan does too. Life would be so much easier with a simple and affordable plan in front of you. Like the recipes for your delicious menu items, you crave a method for connecting with media and online tastemakers. Then you could turn those loyal customers into raving fans and frequent diners. Your focus is rightfully on putting great food on the table for your guests and managing your team, but you also need to carve out time to market your restaurant.

Your Marketing Sous Chef

As your marketing “sous chef,” I’ll show you how to build relationships with guests, earn solid media mentions, and display your excellent customer service so your reservation books will be full for weeks in advance. We’ll focus on setting goals, targeting your ideal customer, creating effective daily tactics, and tracking your results.

These are the keys to filling your tables on a consistent basis and enjoying the success you envisioned on the day you opened your doors.