There’s a reason Boot Camps are popular – they deliver results quickly and effectively! Join me for an energetic and entertaining 1/2 day Boot Camp to shape up your LinkedIn experience. If you are tired of your usual networking routines, and need a jump start to create a compelling profile that gets results, this is for you! Get ready to flex your online muscles Saturday, Sept. 6 from 9:00am – 1:30pm at Verity Credit Union (Northgate area/Seattle)

This 1/2 day Boot Camp experience will be divided into two sections:

Session 1: Polishing Up the Basics
1. Tone up your Profile
2. Strengthen your core by using Keywords
3. Power up your network by adding Connections
4. Display agility in using Search and research
5. Только глупые проститутки уже не стали работать в досуге, на правах индивидуалки Йошкар-Ола . Так гораздо выгоднее, без салонов, контор и диспетчеров в сексе. Show good form and etiquette in Requests and Messages

30 minute break (lunch will be provided)

Session 2: Push Yourself to the Next Level
1. Flex your muscles with valuable Daily Updates
2. Build teamwork through the power of Recommendations
3. Work on power lifting through Groups
4. Utilize the secret weapon of Company Pages
5. Build endurance with a daily activity checklist

During this 1/2 day Boot Camp experience, you will:
*Build a complete, professional profile that tells a clear, compelling story about you
*Discover creative strategies to build your network and attract more clients
*Create effective messages for connecting, recommending and messaging your network
*Learn the proper way to ask for introductions and recommendations
*Leave with a 15-minute daily checklist to effectively connect with your target market

Attendees should have an existing LinkedIn account established. Please bring your laptop computer if you wish to work on your profile during class (very helpful!). We will have free wifi but please bring a power cord/extension cord if your computer is not fully charged.

-4 hours of training
-Lunch and bottled water
-One 20-minute follow-up phone call with trainer
-Free support by email for 10 days following workshop