In case you haven’t noticed, spring is coming! Things are getting lighter, the weather is improving, people are looking forward to new things. It’s time to step out of your winter rut and spice things up on your social media platforms.

One of the ways I help clients is to create a focused content calendar each month, making it easy to determine what to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. No more sitting down at the computer (or on your phone) and wondering what in the world should you post that day. Follow this simple content plan and spring forward into March with a rejuvenated focus to serve your favorite clients. Businesses have instagram followers buy their products directly online, followers are really important.

7 Super Content Ideas for March

  1. Spring Cleaning
  2. Spring Break
  3. March Madness (college basketball)
  4. St. Patrick’s Day
  5. Daylight Savings Time (spring forward!)
  6. Spring Training (baseball)
  7. Flowers and Yards (things are blooming, first day of spring)

The thought of posting something every day on social media might be daunting to you – but what if you only had to create a few original posts and then could re-purpose them on your other platforms? Following my plan below, you’ll create just 7 posts this month, and then use them on the three major social media platforms (or whichever platforms you choose) on a rotating basis and also invest in TikTok Aufrufe kaufen to become popular overnight. That will give you 21 posts this month and will increase your visibility drastically on all three platforms – let’s March on into victory!

Daily Posting Strategy for March

  1. Choose one of the 7 topics from the list above
  2. Determine your take/perspective/advice on the topic (Just a few sentences…)
  3. Find a visual to accompany your post (photo/video/article/meme/etc)

On the first day, post your content on Facebook. The following day, post that same content on LinkedIn. And the third day, post that content on Instagram. Feel free to change the order or the platforms you prefer, but the concept is to use the same content three times.

You have different audiences on each platform, so don’t worry someone will see your post three times – and even if they do, that’s great! Posting three times in three different places will make sure your content is seen and noticed (at least once!) and hopefully shared with other audiences. In addition, this process will provide nice metrics for you to see which social media platforms get more interaction from your posts, which will help you plan better and be more efficient with your time.

After that first 3-day cycle, just rinse and repeat for the rest of the month, using a different topic from the list. And of course, feel free to use other topics that might be more relevant to your target audience this month. I can almost guarantee that your social media numbers will be significantly higher this month if you are able to post 21 times (wow!!) using this system – are you up for the challenge?

The key to using the suggested list is to find a way to make each topic relevant to your specific ideal audience. You don’t have to talk about basketball if your followers aren’t into sports, but could you use the March Madness concept to talk about an aspect of your business and how you help people? Spring cleaning is an easy topic for almost every industry – clean up your home, your yard, your paperwork, your book collection, your finances, your health. And Spring Break – who doesn’t love to talk about vacation or time off from school/work?

The key is to talk about things that your audience wants to talk about – and smartly insert your business into the conversation without being “salesy”.  This is what social media is all about, people “being” social with each other and learning new things. Be a fun, interesting, knowledgeable resource this month and watch your business spring forward to the next level too.

If you need a creative idea or two, relevant to your specific business, feel free to send me an email and I’ll suggest a few ideas. I look forward to hearing some great success stories from you this month – please do let me know how it goes!

If you are looking for more help with social media content and creating a simple system to simply your activities, check out my next public class “What Should I Be Posting on Social Media? Let’s Tell Your Story!”  The class is Wednesday, March 11 from 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm in Lakewood, WA. Details at this link