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The ABCs of Social Media for Restaurants (pt 2)

I’ve always liked the smart aleck question/analogy “what’s the ROI of your telephone?”  You don’t know when that phone is going to ring (or if!) but you have to have... Read More

The ABCs of Social Media for Restaurants (pt 1)

As a restaurant, you know your customers are using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. As a restaurant social media consultant, I know my customers (restaurant owners/chefs) often... Read More

Who me? Sexiest food peeps in Seattle? Thank you!

I typically hate surprises – but the one that landed on December 29 might change my mind forever on the joy of being surprised! Thanks to the lovely award-winning food... Read More

11 Ways Restaurants Can Use Social Media During Restaurant Week

Seattle is all abuzz about Seattle Restaurant Week (SRW), a promotion that runs through Oct 27 at more than 150 local restaurants.  But most of the talk you hear on social... Read More

Why I Love Restaurants That Use Twitter (guest post)

Guest Post by Leslie Irish Evans (NOTE: My good friend and colleague Leslie Irish Evans is one of my favorite gourmands – “one who is excessively fond of eating and... Read More