Wow, 2021 is already flying by, and here we are in March! With work and school getting back to more “normal” levels and spring fever starting to set in, you probably have even less time to peruse social media to see what’s new.

To help save you time, I’ve curated a few of the “smart” things that are in the news these days, and save you some social media browsing time (you’re welcome). This is a fun part of my work with my clients as a Social Media Coach/Strategist at One Smart Cookie Marketing, and I’m thrilled to share the best tidbits with you every few weeks right here.

This week we dabble in Italian food, planting trees, volunteering, creative restaurant menus, and much more. Thanks to all of you that send great feedback about the nuggets I share, and I’d love you to email me with the smart finds you’re making out there on the WWW…a rising tide raises all ships! Thanks for reading and here we go….


SMART FOOD TVStanley Tucci speaks with professor Elisabetta Moro about the history of pizza in Naples.

Warning – do not watch this show while hungry! Actor Stanley Tucci serves as an approachable and charming guide through the various regions of his native Italy,  and making you desperately crave a plate of Italian food RIGHT NOW! I’ve never been to Italy and it just jumped to the top of my bucket list.


Ever wonder what your favorite news websites looked like in the “early” days or been curious about the evolution of web site design? Okay, maybe that’s just me…but I’m fascinated with the Ten Years Ago site that allows you to view CNN, New York Times, ESPN, Amazon and a handful of others as they existed in 2011. It’s a fun look at the change in style, design, and artistry over a short decade.


Whether you’re an employee or a boss, you no doubt are striving to be the best you can be. And also trying to understand your employees or your boss better! These quick tips on how to be a good employee or a great boss are positive, relatable, and actionable. Since I’m a one-person operation, now I need to figure out how to be all the things…LOL!

Tree to be Planted


You’ve had a star named after her. You’ve donated farm animals to families in Third World countries. You’ve helped build homes in barren communities….what’s next? Plant a tree! One Tree Planted is an environmental charity dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. All by planting trees! International Women’s Day is March 8 – plant a tree in her honor!


Customers lie. Tell original stories. Empathy can win you that first meeting. What “When Harry Met Sally” can teach  you about how to be a better marketer in 2021.  Hint – you don’t have to wait 12 years to become smitten like Harry and Sally did…


What if restaurants took the “truth in advertising” mantra to heart, and provided honest commentary on their menu item descriptions? Honesty and clarity are much appreciated, in addition to some unintentional self-deprecating humor, from this Montreal restaurant!
For example… “Salted Edamame: the Chinese name of this dish is called ‘tiger’s vegetable’, I don’t know why it’s called that name. A lot of Chinese people know this dish but I don’t, maybe I am not so Chinese.”  OR “Hot and Sour Soup: this dish is very well-known and we are not 100% satisfied with the flavor now and it will get better really soon. PS. I am surprised that some customers still order this plate”  Leave a big tip when you order for this unabashed honesty LOL!


Sick of browsing Netflix for something new or working that US Map puzzle for the 10th time? Break out of your pandemic and/or dreary winter weather cocoon by exploring these amazing virtual volunteering oppportunities! Make a meaningful difference with your free time by identifying wildlife in photos, writing letters to nursing home residents, upload books for those with disabilities, transcribe historical documents, and more.

What’s the smartest thing you’ve read, seen, heard, watched, or found this week? Send me an email and share your Smart Cookie finds with me!