I am a consumer. A consumer of great food and beverage, interesting information, random factoids, and general knowledge. I read and review a ridiculous amount of information on any given day, and not just because I am a social media coach (One Smart Cookie Marketing) who is online all the time (I’m working, really…). I just LOVE learning, hearing the latest, seeing what’s coming around the bend – information is life!

People often ask what my favorites sources and resources are, so I’ve decided to finally start writing them down to share, via this new “smart cookie jar.” You may be familiar with many of these great people/pages/outlets, but hopefully you find a few new gems to add to your repertoire.

These posts may appear monthly, weekly, when earth aligns with Mars – who knows?! Once my brain fills up with enough new intriguing things, I’ll share them right here with you so we can ALL be smart cookies…see what I did there? Here we go for our first dip into the Smart Cookie jar…



EW Live on SiriusXM Radio –  My pop culture fave, even though it only airs for a meager two hours daily – which is sad after they (Entertainment Weekly) had their own dedicated 24 hr channel at one point. With the demise of EW’s weekly print mag (now only published monthly), this radio show keeps me updated on the TV, movie, music, and pop culture news. My favorite is co-host Dalton Ross’ brilliant and fanatic coverage of the Survivor reality series (yes, I still watch and have seen every episode!)



Tim Ferris 5-Bullet Friday – The author of The 4-Hour Work Week (and many other books) is obviously an inspiration for this round-up style of column, with his info-packed email newsletter every Friday. It’s a plethora of interesting content and introduction to new ideas, people, and things that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.



The Shortest Way Home by Miriam Parker – I’m an extrovert and it’s been hard to stay busy and engaged during the COVID shutdowns. When I get bored, bad things happen….so my new mantra is “bored? Read a book!” And so I have…since mid-April, I’ve read 23 books via Kindle, actual hard copies, e-library checkouts, etc. That’s 23 books in just 17 weeks…but it does keep me sane and out of mischief! I loved The Shortest Way Home for the escapism of chucking a lucrative high finance job in NYC to run off and manage marketing for a small family Sonoma winery…isn’t that the dream? Great summer beach read.



DarynKagan.com – Get inspired by former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan and her uplifting website where every news story fits the theme “Show The World What’s Possible!” Each of her posts share “good news” filled with hope, that show people overcoming their obstacles. It’s a great antidote to all the depressing news we are bombarded with all day on traditional media sites, and will definitely lift your spirits.



Chef Stands Her Ground – Holly Smith of Café Juanita (Kirland, WA) wrote an elaborate, elegant, sophisticated article detailing her decision to remain closed (for inside dining) until there is a vaccine for COVID-19. Her highly acclaimed, fine dining restaurant is coming off a record year, but she takes a stand here to protect her people, her business, and her community. This is leadership!



Jerry Brewer, Washington Post – Thanks to my father, I’ve been a die-hard, know-it-all sports fan since I was 5 years old. The first 20 years of my career were spent in college athletics and sports are still my great passion (especially the NFL and Fantasy Football!). Jerry is an award-winning sportswriter I met during his tenure at the Seattle Times and I avidly follow his brilliant work now with The Washington Post. His columns are insightful and intelligent, thoughtful and fair, and will show you an inside look at the world of sports (such as it is, these days…)



Imposters – Obviously there’s plenty of time to watch TV (mindless or otherwise) during these COVID times, but I’ve honestly watched almost everything I care to see by this point. UNTIL I discovered a short two-season run of Imposters on Netflix – think Oceans 11 meets The Catch meets The Italian Job.  It’s an easy 20-episode binge (44 minute episodes) with lots of good fun and trickery that will keep you guessing. Perfect summer no-brainer 😊


So now, you tell me – what are you reading, watching, hearing, loving these days? Drop me an email or post a comment, and let me know what Smart Cookies you’ve found out there recently. Thanks for stopping by!