This is truly what "sexy" looks like - the truly fabulous Linda Miller Nicholson!

I typically hate surprises – but the one that landed on December 29 might change my mind forever on the joy of being surprised!

Thanks to the lovely award-winning food blogger Linda Miller Nicholson, also known as Salty Seattle on both her blog and Twitter, I was inexplicably listed as one of the 11 Sexiest Food Peeps in Seattle for 2011 in her article on Seattleite! Yes, I fell off my chair too, so don’t feel bad if you had the same reaction!  Among a list chock full of accomplished and truly sexy colleagues, there was my beautiful mug (thanks photog supreme Tara Gimmer!!) honoring me among the beautiful and talented people, honored as “sexy celebs of the Seattle food community, for their accomplishments, as well as their raw and often silly charm.”

“Karen Rosenzweig, the lady with the unpronounceable last name, has transformed the face of food social media in Seattle. A sexy spitfire always ready with a quip on Twitter, she uses her wit to improve the online presence of Seattle restaurants.”

I couldn’t be any more shocked (sexy spitfire), thrilled (uses her wit), honored (improved the online presence of Seattle restaurants) and humbled (transformed the face of food social media in Seattle) by making this list, and I will do my best to live up to Linda’s bestowing of this title upon me 🙂

Actually, it has caused a cosmic shift in my view on how I can help people in my social media activities.  The pure joy and pride of being named to a list of top “anything” has made me realize how we all long for simple recognition and a honest “I see you” acknowledgement.  I am going to follow Linda’s worthy lead and strive every day to find a way to make people feel honored, appreciated and valued for whatever it is they are doing in life.  I hope you will join me…

P.S. Shortly after the “sexy” list hit the web, Linda wrote an even more fantastic post called “I Want To Matter” that was truly profound and inspired me to be better in 2012 – this woman is a game-changer; be sure to follow/read her for an ongoing dose of the “good stuff”!!