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You’re an independent restaurant owner and proud to not be part of a large national chain. You love to share your passion for food, and thrive by giving diners a great experience. Read more…

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Living the dream of taking your secret recipe and turning it into a full-time business? Everyone you know says your product is the best out there, and you’re on a mission to turn your deeply rooted passion into a best-selling artisan product. Read more…

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You left Cubicle Nation to be your own boss and do the work you love. Now you’re following your own passions, serving others and enjoying the ride. So why aren’t you feeling the rush? Read more…

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  • LIallstarlogo

    7 Steps to All-Star Status on LinkedIn

    In my last post, I became your social media secret agent to help pull you out of hiding on LinkedIn and taking control of your online professional reputation. I’m sure many of you Googled yourselves to find out how you are showing up in online searches – and probably even more of you realized the […]

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  • LinkedInNoPic

    Stop Hiding on LinkedIn!

    LinkedIn is not just for job seekers. LinkedIn is not just your online resume. LinkedIn is not just for recruiters and direct sales teams. What LinkedIn IS, is a powerful professional representation of you, the person, with the potential to reach 330+ million people worldwide. It represents your online business reputation and it’s no longer […]

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  • BAM

    Speaker – Business Among Moms (BAM) Summit May 17

    Are you ready to take your business to the next level? The BAM Success Summit is a one day intensive conference designed for the female entrepreneur. Featuring 16 leading experts in the area of Customer Service, Sales, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Finance and Work-Life Balance, you will leave the Success Summit with tools you can […]

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