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I don’t need a coach…and other little lies small business owners tell themselves

Would you walk around with a ball and chain shackled to your ankle if you knew the person who held the key to free you? Probably not – so as... Read More

What the “H” Should I Be Posting on Social Media?

In these uncertain and unprecedented times of living through the Covid-19 crisis, the rules have changed for everyone. Businesses are unclear about what’s okay to post now on social media... Read More

Podcast with Valor Marketing LLC (LinkedIn focus)

Onpage optimization OnPage SEO refers to all of the measures that can be taken so that a website will rank higher in search engine results. Examples of this include improving... Read More

9 Social Media Lessons Served Up By “Chef”

As a social media marketer focused on the restaurant industry, I loved the new movie “Chef” for a number of reasons. Like most of the audience, I left the theater... Read More

Small Business Owners Benefit Most From Social Media

Dear Edmonds (or other small town) Business Owners: Would any of the following benefits be helpful to your business? increased exposure increased traffic on your website better search engine results... Read More