Are you scared of Twitter?  Or do you know it’s time to “get tweeting” but don’t know how to get started?  Or have you been using Twitter but have no idea what you are doing?

Don’t worry your pretty little head any longer – I have many ways to help you!  One of my new services is a series of classes to help the uninitiated, novice and intermediate Twitter users, with a goal of getting each group comfortable with this social media tool.

For those of you that are confused by the Twitter craze and have no idea whether it’s an appropriate tool for you or your business, I’m offering the “To Tweet or not To Tweet – That is the Question” class. This two-hour seminar will cover:

  • What is Twitter?
  • Why Twitter is different (for business) than other social media tools
  • What is the time and cost investment to use Twitter?
  • How Twitter can be helpful to your marketing efforts
  • How a “Twitter for Beginners” class can give you the training you need

Other options are the “Twitter for Beginners” and “Intermediate Twitter” classes, both 2.5 hour hands-on sessions (bring your laptop!) where we will tackle the specific features and many of the tools available on Twitter.  If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, or have created an account but don’t know what’s next, the Beginner class is for you.  You’ll learn to create an effective profile, discover what to do – and not to do – on Twitter, how to decide what kind of messages to “tweet” and how to find/attract “followers”.

If you have the above basics of Twitter conquered, but know “there has to be more to it “, the Intermediate class is your best bet.  In that class, we’ll cover the power of Tweetdeck and other organizational tools, how to engage in productive conversations, the wisdom of using “lists” to monitor and manage your followers, discuss “hashtags” and “follow Friday” topics, among other advanced skills and features.

The classes are currently held in Bellevue, and I’m scouting out additional locations in Seattle (let me know if you have ideas!)  The cost for “To Tweet…” is $25, and the Beginning and Intermediate classes are $65 each.  You can view full descriptions and sign up at this registration page.  I’m open to additional ideas, topics and suggestions, so please leave me a comment below.  See you in class!