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I just love, love, love what my “right coast” colleague Lara Dickson does at Twitter For Restaurants

Besides constantly beating me to the punch with great ideas for restaurants on how to use social media in creative ways, she is just one smart cookie.  And so today, I am taking my fork, reaching across the table and stealing a bite from her plate – with all due credit, of course!

Her recent post “Telling Your Story Across the Web” details how restaurants can use five online tools to maximize their visibility out of something as simple as a photo of a cinnamon roll:

Get a really good photo of your product or event, then:

1. Prepare a blog post
2. Create a Facebook event
Record a short video
4. Document with photos

And finally, bring them all together for a measurable impact on your SEO and analytics

5. Tweet(s) about it all

This one fantastic image has been broadcast on five different channels, reached all of your fan and follower bases, picked up in searches because your content was loaded with keywords and interesting information and images.

Perfect. Simple. Well said. Exactly what I would tell any of my restaurant clients to do.  I tip my toque to you, Ms. Dickson – and Happy International Women’s Day!  And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter – you’ll be glad you did.