What Should I Post on Social Media? Content Action Plans that Work!

The rules have changed during these uncertain times of the Covid-19 virus and businesses are unclear about what’s okay to post now on social media – without being salesy or insensitive. What the heck should you do? In this creative online class, we’ll explore how to adapt your content to add value to your clients and maintain your visibility with your community in these changing times.

Does your social media content tell an interesting and engaging story about you and your services? Or are you stuck in the “random post” rut without a sense of what your ideal client wants to know and no clue if your message is resonating? Would a motivating daily calendar of creative content ideas and a defined posting strategy make your life easier and raise your visibility with the right people?

Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what to say every time you sat down to your computer or picked up your phone to post on your social media pages. Join us to learn the power of attracting, intriguing, and inspiring your ideal clients, and best of all – no more going down the rabbit hole for hours on social media, wracking your brain for something to post!

During this this motivating and empowering online class you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a strategic “Road Map” to success for your social media activities
  • Learn to tell your story well and communicate your “why”
  • Set specific goals for your social media activities
  • Define your ideal client and how you can help them
  • Learn to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • Create a daily/weekly Content Calendar to maintain focus
  • Learn how to use the 5 “E’s” of content in your daily posts
  • Determine which metrics will best measure your success
  • Gain the confidence to own your social media presence and manage it well!

This online class will be conducted via a Zoom Webinar. Cost is $35 per attendee. The first hour will be live guided instruction, followed by 1/2 hour of Q&A and discussion. Reserve your seat at this link