Here we are, the clocks about to “fall back” this weekend and winter weather arriving with a chilling rush. With your eye on the rapidly approaching holidays, you probably have even less time to peruse social media to see what’s new.

To help save you time, I’ve curated a few of the “smart” things that are in the news these days, and save you some social media browsing time (you’re welcome). This is a fun part of my work with my clients as a Social Media Coach/Strategist at One Smart Cookie Marketing, and I’m thrilled to share the best tidbits with you every few weeks right here.

This week we dabble in baseball, TV, candles, gratitude, Netflix, job hunting, and much more. Thanks to all of you that send great feedback about the nuggets I share, and I’d love you to email me with the smart finds you’re making out there on the WWW…a rising tide raises all ships! Thanks for reading and here we go….



I’m fascinated by all the TV shows that are now airing that detail life in Covid times, and I’m not the only one. Netfix’s new quarantine-themed series Social Distance tells 8 short stories from very different perspectives, showing the wide range of human experiences. Check it out and see which one most closely matches the rollercoaster you’ve been riding the past 7 months.


November is the month of thanks, even though for many it’s difficult to find much gratitude in this crazy year of 2020. I’m intrigued to follow the 30 day Bring Gratitude Challenge that begins Nov. 1, to help focus on what really matters…wanna join me?


The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, so it’s time to find a few new books to cozy up with by the fire. I’ve already read three of the novels on this fun list, and have reserved a few more from my local library online app. Do tell what compelling new reads you are finding!


Who doesn’t love receiving a birthday gift that is customized just for you? Your Birthdate Candle, crafted for the day you were born, promises to unlock the secrets of your personality (you know you want to know…), and has a fragrance carefully designed to enliven your spirit. This could be a fun “signature” gift to give your friends and family this year, to really make a lasting impression they’ll think of all year long.


This might appear to be a fantasy football advice column (and it is) but it’s also begins with an insightful list of Matthew Berry’s 10 best pieces of advice for getting the career you want. Who knew this is where you’d find such nuggets, but they’re legit and it’s worth the read.


Why do all the good shows get cancelled after highly-rated and very promising season 1 episodes?? Netflix is the culprit this time, snuffing out Away, a fascinating space drama about the first trip to Mars, leaving viewers hanging on the edge of our seats after the 10th and final episode – what happens next??  Away reportedly cost Netflix over $6 million per episode, making it one of the most expensive Netflix shows of all time, but still – really??? Here’s hoping someone finds a way to revive this series and reveal details of life on Mars…


As the World Series concluded this week (congrats Dodgers fans!) you might have heard a lot about the “bubble” that players/coaches/umpires/staff were required to live in over the past months. This Sports Illustrated reporter’s account of his 30 days inside the bubble is an intriguing inside peek behind the curtain at the realities of isolation with the best in major league baseball.


If you’ve ever had a song stuck in your head but can’t remember enough lyrics to search for it, Google has a solution: hum to search. Hmmmmmm….

What’s the smartest thing you’ve read, seen, heard, watched, or found this week? Send me an email and share your Smart Cookie finds with me!