Skillet has nearly 10,000 Twitter followers for its street food, Diner and Counter.

Have you ever wondered which Seattle restaurant has the most Twitter followers?  I did the research three years ago after a client inquired about where they ranked among Seattle restaurants – and three years is an eternity in the rapidly evolving world of social media, so it’s time to revisit the list.

Obviously numbers don’t tell the whole story and there are many reasons why one restaurant may have 5000 followers and another might have only 500 – and they could be equally successful establishments.  It’s not a popularity contest by any means and just like in your restaurant, quality trumps quantity.

But  if you are going to use Twitter (and other social media tools) to fill the seats in your restaurant, then your number of followers does matter to some degree.  Just like it matters to Pete Carroll whether 5,000 fans or 50,000 fans show up to a Seahawks home game!

I’ve broken down the list into three categories – restaurants, food trucks and fast casual dining.  I did not include national chain restaurants (Gordon Biersch, Benihana, etc)  unless they use a local Twitter account (@HardRockSeattle). I apologize up front for anyone I might have overlooked, and please note your corrections/additions in the comments below!


7962 followers @Herbguy (The Herbfarm)
7627  @TomDouglasCo (11 restaurants)
7138   @PikeBrewing
6981   @Canlis
4216   @HeavyRestaurant (Purple Cafe, Barrio, Lot No. 3, Cast Iron Studios)
3456   @ESRSeattle (Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives, Staple & Fancy Mercantile, Rione XIII, Bar Cotto, Lagana Foods)
3230   @Maria Hines (Tilth, Golden Beetle, Agrodolce)
2983   @Farestart
2442   @RCSHSeattle (Ruth’s Chris)
2382   @RN74Seattle

Food Trucks

9982 followers @SkilletStFood
8243   @Curb_Cuisine (Marination Mobile)
3582   @SomePigSeattle (Maximus/Minimus)

Fast Casual

4708 followers @DicksDriveIns
3322   @TacoTimeNW
3094   @BlueCSushi
3008   @IvarsClam
If you’d like to follow these restaurants (and hundreds more!) in the greater Seattle area, please follow the list I’ve created here. If you’d like to know how to get more quality Twitter followers for your restaurant to increase your visibility and income, let’s set up a meeting and talk about working together!